She included the candle lighting time for that week and provided candles to the passers by who needed. Her neighbors would start to look out for the art, and rely on it for the time to light. 

The Story Continues... with you!

How It All Began

Our Story

Let's Chalk Shabbat was founded by a young woman who started chalking in front of her home every Friday. She chalked three big, bright, traditional candlesticks, reminding women to take the time to light their own candles Friday night. 

The Contagious Energy

She realized this was an idea too good to keep to herself. She shared the idea with others. The response was a contagious excitement. It was like opening a soda can that was rolling around - woosh!
People loved it, and wanted to do it, too. 

From The neighbors Window

Here we are giving the opportunity to you to share Shabbat with your community in a fun and creative way!