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Spiritual Messages in Concrete Jungles

The #LetsChalkShabbat movement is an innovative way to remind Jewish women and girls about the special weekly mitzvah of lighting Shabbat candles. Every Friday, a dedicated group of girls and women take to the streets with sidewalk chalk, stencils, and Shabbat kits. Besides reminding Jewish women and girls to light, the #LetsChalkShabbat messages also include that week’s candle-lighting time. (Shabbat candles are lit 18 minutes before sunset, so the exact candle-lighting time differs from week to week. Find your local candle-lighting time here.)

Watch our video to see how a group of young women is using urban sidewalk art to broadcast Shabbat awareness.


Check out photos of the #letschalkshabbat movement in action!
Anyone can join; all it takes is some sidewalk chalk and a passion for lighting up the world. Contact info@letschalkshabbat.com to order a stencil kit.